Cork Furniture

Crafted from sustainable, renewable, environmentally friendly cork

Cork furniture by Jelinek Cork Group is distinct and exclusive in many ways. Each piece is individually hand crafted to ensure the highest quality.

Jelinek Cork Group offers cork furniture in three basic styles:

  • Items produced from solid cork

  • Items upholstered or re-upholstered with cork fabrics.

  • Items combining cork and wood or cork and metal.

Although there are many standard pieces, CUSTOM MADE designs and items are also developed by the Jelinek team of highly skilled craftspeople in any of the three basic styles.  Most of the cork materials used in the production of any of the styles are also produced by hand and all are subject to quality control standards and inspections.

Photo Gallery - Cork Furniture

Durability and Maintenance

Natural cork and cork fabric is water and stain resistant.  Like all fine furniture, cork furniture will last for many years under normal wear and tear.  Cork material is designed for use on such exclusive items as lampshades, umbrellas, shower curtains, and drapes. Cork can be washed using just a damp cloth and if necessary a very light detergent, gently rubbing over the cork.  Cork fabrics in fact can be washed in a washing machine.  The fabric protection already on the cork allows for red wine or coffee spills without staining.  It is actually less likely to stain than other fabrics or leather.