Printing on Cork

Jelinek Cork Group uses state of the art printing and branding equipment and techniques. Most cork products supplied by Jelinek can be custom printed to specification. Whether quantities are in millions of units (such as wine corks, distillery corks, and cosmetic corks) or in small quantities as few as a dozen or so (such as wedding favors, personalized coasters and stoppers), Jelinek will help design and custom print to customers requirements.

  • company names and/or logos

  • personal names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.

  • brief statements or messages

Printing on Wood and Plastic Top Corks (bar tops)

Jelinek Cork Group is capable of embossing or debossing wood top corks or plastic top corks with company names, logos, or other requested words and designs. Wood or plastic tops (which are adhered to natural cork stoppers) can also be hot foil stamped in assorted colors.

Beautifully produced stopper tops help identify product brands and add elegance to the total package.

Contact us with your inquiries. Jelinek provides full design assistance with any printing or branding requirements.