Character and Figurine Stoppers

Figurine stoppers are produced by attaching natural corks to unique figurine tops. Jelinek Cork Group supplies a wide assortment of such figurine stoppers portraying different images and metaphors. They can be amusing or decorative or simply representative of cultures, characters, or industries.

The figurines are produced from many different materials — ceramics, assorted wood types, metals such as zinc or pewter, glass, plastics, and others. Many of them are hand painted or custom plated.

Jelinek Cork Group has several hundred standard figurine stoppers from which to choose. However, if there are specific shapes, characters, or models Jelinek is usually able to custom produce such stoppers to specification, based on quantities and the intricate work required. For larger commercial wine or spirits packaging requirements please contact us. For individual pieces or small quantities for gifts or wedding favors visit online at Cork Store.