Gaskets and Floats

Small Engine Carburetor & Level Gauge Floats

The buoyant property of natural cork combined with its light weight makes cork the ideal material for level gauge floats used in engines, tanks and containers for oil, gas, and other petrol and liquid products. A precise epoxy and catalyst formulation mix applied smoothly over the pre-shaped cork floats in appropriate amounts provide the exact unit weight requirement while making the floats impervious to most liquid fuels, fresh and salt water, and ultimately withstanding very high temperatures. Used widely in lawn mowers, outboard motors, snowmobiles or any other engines or fuel holding tanks. Contact us for technical assistance or material requirements.

Gasket Materials

Jelinek Cork supplies various materials to gasket cutters. Many of the gasket materials are produced from high grade cork granules specifically selected and mixed with assorted binders (Neoprene, Nitrile, or SBR). These formulations combine the resilience of rubber with the natural compressibility of cork.

The Jelinek Cork line of SUBERSEAL™ rubbercork materials will satisfy most gasket requirements.

Lab testing capabilities allow Jelinek Cork to assist customers in determining which materials are best suited for their particular needs. Many of the materials can be supplied in rolls and sheets, with or without PSA (pressure sensitive adhesives), or with other backing reinforcements. In addition to these cork and rubber materials, various grades of pure agglomerate cork are also available. Contact us for details.

Pre-Cut Gaskets

Jelinek Cork produces custom gaskets using a variety of of materials including rubber cork, agglomerate cork, foams, rubber, and assorted papers. Jelinek machinery capabilities and flexibilities allow for the production of both large and small quantities, usually without added set-up costs. Although Jelinek maintains a substantial library of thousands of dies, when required precision and custom made cutting dies are produced for clients at cost by expert die makers. Jelinek quality control departments insure consistent and accurate specification. Contact us for further details and requirements.