Jelinek Quality Assurance Manual

Jelinek Cork is fully committed to providing quality products and services in conjunction with the environmental and ecological obligations of the company’s mission.


The Jelinek Cork Group recognizes the uniqueness and environmental sensitivity of cork. As long as it is treated with care, respect, and understanding the cork oak tree will continue to flourish and provide the necessary raw material (bark), a precious but renewable resource. Jelinek Cork, while responding to the growing demands of the modern cork market, is dedicated to protecting the eternal continuity of the cork oak tree and at the same time providing the public with this “environmentally friendly” and renewable resource for the enhancement of and appreciation by mankind.


Meeting customers’ demands and fulfilling all requirements above and beyond expectations, on a world wide basis:

  • total and global service

  • communications

  • research and development

  • product specifications

  • laboratory analyses

  • material grades & qualities

  • product traceability

  • prices

  • sampling

  • packaging

  • warehousing

  • deliveries & logistics

  • production & technical support

  • training

Jelinek Quality Assurance and Control

Jelinek Cork Group Quality Assurance Manual outlines the strict procedures to achieve ultimate control and results right through the production chain …. from the cork forest to the delivered final products. The complete manual is a 47 page document outlining the quality assurance and control requirements and is designed to reflect the day to day operational environment at Jelinek Cork. It is upgraded and changed as improved techniques and technologies are found and discovered.

The Manual is therefore intended to be a living document. Parts or all of the Jelinek Quality Assurance Manual can be provided to Jelinek customers upon request and if deemed appropriate by Jelinek. The following summarizes the Manual requirements and in fact forms a part of the Manual itself:

To provide products, services and processes which meet or exceed customer requirements and specifications. Zero discrepancies is the acceptable level.

To achieve the above objective, it is the policy of Jelinek Cork to establish and maintain an effective and efficient quality control program, planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions. Commitment to quality is on-going; the plan reflects improvements geared to satisfying the changing needs of customers and the markets they serve.

The Quality Assurance Manual, and the associated procedures referenced within, describe the way in which the Jelinek Cork program is designed to ensure that customers’ quality requirements are recognized and that consistent and uniform control of this quality is maintained. The Manual outlines the establishment of effective control by formal written procedures, competent personnel and sufficient inspection coverage supported by statistical methods.

Laboratory Facilities

In addition to the Jelinek Quality Assurance Manual which is applicable to all products and services provided by Jelinek, Jelinek Cork Group follows additional product specific assurances and controls to meet or surpass the requirements of each particular industry.

Jelinek Cork Group utilizes their own internal laboratories at various locations as well as independent external laboratories. The laboratory testing and analyses follows a strict set of international and country specific standards and norms (ISO, NP, CTCOR), quality control guidelines and procedures. Testing is performed in sequence (from raw material to finished product):

  • Raw material (cork bark) testing to ensure correct stability and curing, proper boiling, moisture, thickness, and grade classification.

  • Testing product and materials during various production stages to ensure correct quality levels.

  • Evaluating and assessing industrial facilities and working conditions to ensure compliance to manufacturing standards and regulations.

  • Testing and inspection of cork products to ensure conformity to samples and specifications, including as required:

    • Quality grade levels

    • Sizes

    • Densities

    • Moisture content

    • Weights

    • Colors and shades

    • Patterns

    • Printing and markings

    • Treatments and coatings

    • Custom work conformity

    • Quantity counts

  • Final inspection of completed products prior to shipment to Jelinek global distribution facilities, including packing, labeling, marking, and pallet loads.

  • Ensuring correct and proper storage at Jelinek regional facilities.

  • Inspecting and testing products once again at Jelinek regional laboratories and facilities prior to making shipment to customers.