QuietCORK™ Acoustical Products 

All QuietCORK™ products are formulated from specific sized natural cork grains to meet or surpass sound control standards and requirements as specified by building codes, condominium associations, architects, and other governing agencies. QuietCORK™ is produced from the correct mix of both large and small natural cork grains compressed to an optimal medium/low density. This combination of grains and ideal density results in the best acoustical sound control barriers when used in conjunction with assorted surface floors (hardwood, parquet, ceramic, laminate, marble, slate, stone or floating floors). QuietCORK™ is available in both rolls and sheets in various thicknesses.

QuietCORK™ materials have been tested for their acoustical properties. See Testing Results.



… is a non-toxic, natural, environmentally friendly renewable resource.

…is specially formulated from natural cork grains in a density to maximize sound
control benefits.

…is a naturally resilient underlayment and provides excellent compressibility and

…provides thermal insulation and stress crack protection for floor coverings

…substantially exceeds established standards and sound-deadening requirements.

…has been both field tested and laboratory tested by accredited agencies with
officially certified results.

QuietCORK™ materials have been tested for their acoustical properties.  See Testing Results. Certified copies of all testing results may be obtained by request from Jelinek Cork Group.