Recognition of Responsibilities

Over the years, Jelinek Cork Group has participated in a number of conservation initiatives related to the cork industry. These initiatives always have the same objective - no pollution, no wastage of raw materials, and recycling whenever possible. For example, JCG is a primary participant in an innovative environmental program which involves the collection and recycling of used cork bottle stoppers. Originally, Jelinek Cork was involved with the Bag-a-Cork initiative which was the first of its kind in North America.

In response to the large number of inquiries received from the public, Jelinek Cork launched a new recycled cork program in December, 2008. Community groups, schools and other not for profit organizations are encouraged to participate in this natural cork recycling initiative . This program helps community groups raise funds while bringing awareness towards natural cork – an environmentally friendly, renewable and recyclable resource.

Jelinek Cork Group promotes the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable and renewable products in the construction industry. The company fully supports the initiatives of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Rating System. Learn more about Jelinek Cork and the LEED rating system.

Research and development, environmental preservation, quality control, customer service and value may all be a cliché but are the true testimonial of the company’s 150 years in business. The JCG motto holds steadfast: “If you like nature, you will love cork” and the company’s belief in the environment remains equally strong. Its line of cork products are all manufactured only “from trees that go on living”.

Environmental Responsibilities

The Jelinek Cork Group recognizes the uniqueness and environmental sensitivity of cork. As long as it is treated with care, respect, and understanding the cork oak tree will continue to flourish and provide the necessary raw material (bark), a precious but renewable resource. Jelinek Cork, while responding to the growing demands of the modern cork market, is dedicated to protecting the eternal continuity of the cork oak tree and at the same time providing the public with this “environmentally friendly” and renewable resource for the enhancement of and appreciation by mankind.

Social Responsibilities

Jelinek Cork Group believes that successful businesses have a responsibility to support the communities in which they live and work.  Companies need to reach out and provide positive assistance to community improvements.  This can be achieved in many different ways and over the years Jelinek Cork Group has contributed to numerous causes locally, nationally, and internationally.  Some of the projects which JCG has supported or continues to be involved with are:

  • recycling initiatives

  • renovations and/or restorations of buildings of historical interest

  • support of local medical and hospital facilities

  • teaching business to young potential entrepreneurs in emerging countries

  • sponsoring performing arts programs and festivals