Cork in Sporting Goods

Cork has been used by the sporting goods industry for decades. Whether used in familiar items such as fishing rod grips and shuttlecocks or more obscure products such as in cricket and hurling balls, cork plays a vital roll in satisfying the stringent expectations of both professional and amateur sports organizations or simply sports hobbyists.

Fishing Rod Handles, Rings & Floats Cork

Fishing rod handles, floats and rings are all manufactured with cork grades to meet every quality level and requirement. Jelinek specializes in custom made grips and handles. Contact us with your requirements.

Cork Decoys

Cork decoys have been proven to be the most effective decoys available. The buoyancy of cork keeps the life like decoys simulating real ducks. The cork carving blocks are suitable for both amateur and professional carvers. The standard sizes of carving blocks are 24” x 36” in either 4” or 5” or 6” thicknesses as well as the smaller size 9” x 12” in 4” thickness. Custom sizes are also available.

Dart Board Backer

Whether at home, parlors, or professional dart studios, walls and dart tips need to be protected from damage by stray darts. Jelinek dart board backers are specifically produced from high density cork to insure ultimate protection.

Boaters Key Chain

The perfect item for serious boaters or other outdoor and water sport enthusiasts. The cork ball key chain will float when dropped in the water so can be easily found and recovered.

Cork Flooring

Cork floors are the perfect floor covering for yoga and exercise studios as well as gymnasiums. The unique characteristics of cork – firm but flexible, soft but durable, warm and resilient – make it the perfect exercise and workout floor. Cushions body joints during running, jumping, or walking resulting less stress on body parts.

Yoga Cork

Cork yoga blocks and wedges, and cork yoga mats provide for ultimate comfort and wellness during poses and exercise.

Shuttle Cocks

Cork is the only material officially allowed by the laws of badminton for making the base of the shuttlecock. Contact us for pricing and further details.

Ski Waxing Blocks

Universally used for applying wax to cross country skis. Blocks are available in natural or agglomerate cork, in various sizes, and with grooves along edges for easier grip. Printing on blocks is available for custom names and logos. Contact us with your requirements.

Cork Tape

Cork tape is soft and extremely comfortable. It is used for grips on rackets and bikes in order to insulate against shock and vibration. Contact us for pricing and further details.

Baseball and Softball

Cork and rubber-cork granules are often used as the inside centers of baseballs. The rubber cork composition gives optimum performance and provides the required bounce without losing shape. Contact us for pricing and further details.


Safety helmets, table tennis bat coverings, the pea in whistles, golf club balance, dart boards … the list goes on. Please contact us with your requests or questions.