Jelinek Cork AquaCork™ is a high performance, innovative marine decking composed of high quality composite cork. AquaCork™ is a natural alternative to traditional boat decks providing exceptional surfaces for boating and other marine activities. The natural characteristics of cork contribute to this innovative floor covering.

  • Non-skid surface even when wet

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Highly durable and long lasting

  • Natural materials

  • Stays cool even in the hot sun

  • Safe, comfortable surface to walk/stand/perform on

Cork, the outer bark of the cork oak tree, is harvested from the tree every nine or so years until the tree is 200 years old. The harvesting process never harms the tree and the bark continuously regenerates itself. Each tree produces cork bark year after year making cork a completely renewable and sustainable resource. Cork has been a floor covering of choice for decades due to its many unique, naturally occurring characteristics.

  • Hygienic

  • Anti-static

  • Anti-allergenic

  • Reduces leg, foot, back fatigue from prolonged standing

  • Excellent insulator (against temperature, noise, vibrations)

Using AquaCork™ for boat and marine decking is an obvious choice. It combines the many features of cork with the many requirements of marine decking to create a perfect combination for your boat or marine deck.