Granulated Cork and Cork Chips

Cork grains are used for a variety of industrial components such as batteries, various fillers, insulators, or as compounds to be mixed with other materials. Granulated cork is natural and light in weight. Exact mesh sizes and densities are produced to meet customer’s specifications and requirements. Jelinek works with customers to ensure correct mesh size and densities to meet specific needs. Jelinek Cork supplies cork grain in many different sizes ranging from the finest “powder” to large cork chips. Cork grain is also available in either a light natural color or a dark brown color. It is normally packed loose in bags or compressed in bales.

Besides the use of cork grain for larger industrial purposes (such as component of rubbercork gasket materials, orthopedic shoes, agglomerate wine corks, insoles, cork sheets and rolls, insulating and flooring materials), cork grains also have many common day to day uses. In keeping with Jelinek’s commitment to the environment, much of these grains are produced from recycled wine corks.

Small oil spills

It has been found that medium size cork grain is an ideal material to help clean small domestic and industrial spills (oil) since it confines and absorbs spills quickly.

Filler and Insulator

Ideal for use as fillers (such as to fill kayak, canoe, and boat cushions). Also used to fill dolls and mannequins.


Mixed with garden earth, cork allows soil to remain loose (aerated) and moist thus more beneficial to healthy plant growth.


Perfect for use in creating model train bedding and realistic terrain.

Theater/Movie/TV Sets

Cork grain is used extensively to simulate realistic terrain (sand, dirt) on movie and theater sets. Being light-weight, makes it an ideal alternative to using actual sand or dirt. It also is used to texturize paint and create a stucco effect.

Window and Store Displays

Whether designing a “make believe” beach or desert, or an interesting flooring design, cork grain provides display designers with endless possibilities.