Composition Cork Rolls & Sheets 

Composition cork rolls and sheets are perhaps the most versatile of all cork products. These items are manufactured from natural cork grains and therefore maintain most of the same characteristics attributed to cork in its natural state. Cork rolls and sheets are used for many products, including bulletin and tack boards, gaskets and protective pads, underlayment and insulating material, coasters, hot pads, model, crafts and hobby needs, and much more.

Different cork grain sizes and distinctive formulations of binders are used in the manufacturing process to create composition cork rolls and sheets in grades and appearances to satisfy specific purposes and uses. Listed below are the most popular grades of cork rolls and sheets to meet most needs. In addition Jelinek Cork Group also manufactures custom formulated grades specific to end use, working with customers to formulate grades for their precise requirements.


CorkTherm - Semi Rigid Еxpanded Insulation Cork Board

This all-natural cork board is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available. Semi rigid expanded insulation cork board is produced from the natural cork granules created as the by-product of the stopper industry. These cork granules are steam-heated which causes the cork to expand activating suberin, a natural binder that is in the cork. No other binders or chemicals are added.


Jelinek QuietCork™ Cork Underlayment

Natural, sustainable, “green”, non-toxic, environmentally friendly 

Jelinek Cork Group remains at the forefront of sound control underlayments manufactured from natural, renewable, and environmentally friendly materials. Jelinek QuietCork™ is the ultimate natural solution to sound control problems. QuietCork™ underlayment is specially formulated using natural agglomerated cork grains providing maximum acoustical, sound deadening and comfort qualities.