Architects & Designers 

Jelinek Cork Group works closely with both architects and designers developing unique selections while meeting required codes and specifications. Jelinek Cork products are used in both residential and commercial settings. The natural yet sophisticated beauty of cork is limited only by imagination. Exclusive, one-of-a-kind creations ranging from cork furniture and cork fabrics to fashionable wall, floor, and ceiling coverings are offered to designers and architects.

Some of the many benefits when working with Jelinek Cork Group include:

  • special architect and designer pricing, terms, and conditions

  • customer referral discounts

  • exclusive selections

  • availability of Jelinek development and design team

  • sample submissions

  • technical support

  • customized product development

  • first issue presentations of all new products

  • specified quality assurance

Jelinek Cork Group welcomes architects and designers to participate in these and other benefits.

Contact us for details.