Laboratory Cork

Cork has a variety of important uses in laboratories.

Support rings

Made of agglomerated cork in assorted sizes designed to hold beakers and other glass containers snugly to ensure against breakage.  Laboratory cork rings are heat resistant and therefore withstand very high temperatures allowing flasks to be placed in the rings directly from Bunsen burners.

Cork mats

Agglomerate cork mats are used for the protection and insulation of work surfaces; in entomology and dissection; for setting boards.
A different type of cork mat is also used as a floor mat for standing on to help prevent leg and body fatigue if one must stand for long periods of time at work stations.

Cork stoppers and plugs

Due to its impermeability and absence of toxic elements, cork is the ideal stopper used in test tubes and flasks. These specialized stoppers are available in a variety of standard sizes.  Special custom sizes are also available upon request.

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