RubberCork  / SuberSeal™

 nature’s solution to industry’s technical sealing, gasket and padding issues.

Jelinek rubber & cork products and materials are known as SuberSeal™.  The word is derived from the scientific Latin name of cork which is Suber. The natural, renewable, and ecological brilliance of the ancient cork oak tree, Quercus Suber, combined with specified formulations of rubber properties form the ultimate 21st century gasket and sealing materials.

SuberSeal™ rubber & cork materials are offered by Jelinek for a variety of uses, among them:

  • automotive gaskets

  • electrical and transformer gaskets

  • anti-vibration padding

  • absorption pads

  • flooring underlayment stress-crack prevention

  • general sealing and gasket needs

  • liners and spacers

  • cushion pads

  • anti-scratch pads

  • surface protective pads

  • non-slip material

  • model train track beds

 Quick History

Production of “rubbercork” is relatively new.  As the word suggests, the primary raw materials used is a mixture of cork and rubber specifically formulated to meet technical specifications and standards.  Through extensive research and development during the mid 20th century, it was found that this unique mixture of materials created a product that is ideally suited for most sealing applications.  R&D continues today allowing introduction of new and innovative binder and sealing technology. New formulation varieties fully utilize and maintain the natural characteristics of cork but when blended with the properties of rubber result in the most effective sealing gaskets and cushion pads. It is now well recognized that “rubbercork” combines the compressibility and resilience of cork with the high mechanical strength and dimensional stability of rubber.

A wide variety of formulations using different rubber types (natural rubber, synthetic rubber, nitrile, or neoprene) combined with different milled cork grain sizes are available to meet industry’s various requirements. It was not until the 1970’s that rubber cork became widely used throughout many major industries and today continues to be at the forefront of modern gasket technology. By combining decades of experience in the cork industry with modern day rubber technology, Jelinek successfully introduced SuberSeal™ as the 21st century’s primary gasket materials.

Customized Products and Stocking Range

SuberSeal™ products are available in sheets and rolls, or pre-cut standard and custom gaskets.  Materials, thicknesses, sizes, shapes, qualities, and quantities can be custom designed to meet the needs of both large and small users. Jelinek stocks the most commonly used rubbercork products as well as customized materials for a variety of customers.  After material specifications are agreed to between Jelinek and their clients, at the clients request Jelinek will stock whatever materials necessary to continue to satisfy customer needs and deliveries without interruption.

SuberSeal™ Products

  • Rubbercork Sheets: available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, formulations, with and without self-adhesive backings and other material backing.

  • Rubbercork Rolls: available in various sizes, thicknesses, formulations, self-adhesive tape rolls, etc.

  • Rubbercork Gaskets: die cut custom gaskets for any size job, large or small. Jelinek will produce the die and the gasket to fit the needs of all customers.

  • Rubbercork Accessories: a range of products including:

    • model train track bed

    • serving tray surfaces

    • anti-scratch and anti-slip surfaces

    • anti-vibration pads

    • shelf liners

    • protective drawer and furniture bumpers, etc.