QuietCORK™ Underlayment Specifications

QuietCORK™ Material Specifications

MATERIAL:  Natural Composition Cork

STANDARD RANGE:  Underlayment / Acoustical / Sound Control / Stress Crack Protection / Environmental Insulation

BINDER:  Polyurethane

GRANULE SIZE:  1 – 4mm


Density Minimum Kg/m3 (pcf) 184 (11.5)
Compression % 20 – 50
Recovery % up to 95
Tensile Strength (*) L – 414 (60)
Kpa (psi) T – 276 (40)

*  L – Test on the longitudinal way
T – Test on the transversal way

QuietCORK™ in 6mm thickness exceeds sound-deadening requirements for “floors separating living units” such as in apartment buildings, condominiums, and office towers.

 QuietCORK™ materials have been tested for their acoustical properties.  See Testing Results.  Certified copies of all testing results may be obtained by request from Jelinek Cork Group. 

This is offered only as a guideline to assist in the selection of materials.   Each specific application should be evaluated.  The final decision of the choice of materials lies with the buyer.